How to Find Vector Logos, Colors and Fonts of Brands with Brandfetch

While preparing graphics and designs, we sometimes need logos of famous brands and we searched for their vectors on the internet and try to find them. However, with the Brandfetch application, we can quickly access the logos, colors and fonts of the brands we need. I’ll show you how and where we can use it in a moment.

Enter the Brandfetch website. When we click to the creative tab, we click the view all button here and we can see the which programs are supported by this plugin.

If you are using Figma, or if you are using Canva, there are plugins to quickly access these logos, you can use the Brandfetch application and add-on in the programs and applications you see here.

When we go a little lower, we also see the Adobe XD and Adobe Photoshop. In this video, I will show you how to use this Brandfetch app in Adobe Photoshop.

Installing Brandfetch via Creative Cloud

If you are using the others, you can install and use this application with the add-on installation options specific to those programs. We can also install this application via Adobe’s Creative Cloud application.

Brandfetch App Creative Cloud

When we search Brandfetch in the stock & marketplace and select the plugin, we will see Brandfetch application here. If you are using Adobe XD, we need to install this option.

And if you want to use this application in Photoshop, we need to install the Brandfetch for Photoshop application. Let’s start the installation by clicking the get button. Then we click on the OK button. The application is installed.

How to open Brandfetch in Adobe Photoshop

Now we can open the Photoshop program. When we open Photoshop, you’ll see a notification that the Brandfetch application has been installed.

Let’s click on the cross button. When you install the plugin, you’ll see an option called Brandfetch under plugins, and let’s open the Brandfetch application in it.

How to use Brandfetch

Example 1: For example, let’s say you are going to prepare a design for social media and we need a Twitter icon. Here in this field,

I write Twitter and click on the option that suits me in the options that appear. When you click on this option, it shows me the features of this brand that a designer can use.

I need a logo. So I click on this logo and the logo quickly settles into the workspace.

You can also see the colors here. You can also see other alternatives to the logo. You can quickly access the logos of many brands that you can think of through the Brandfetch application and its plugin.

Example 2: For example, let’s do a Google search. Let’s say I want to reach the Google logo and I can see the Google logo like this.

If you need an Instagram logo, this is how I can find the Instagram logo by searching Instagram. Of course, this is not only the option for achieving a brand’s logo. For example, you can provide this by from their own site.

How to find vector logo & use SVG in Photoshop

On Brandfetch website you can also find other fonts belonging to Google by typing Google here. Let’s say you want to use these with Photoshop.

To be able to use an SVG file in Photoshop, I copy the SVG address. I paste this address here by pressing Ctrl + O and click open.

Because of the SVG file has a good quality, it asks what sizes we want to open this logo. Let’s enter a random size. 800 pixels and 300 DPI.

As you can see when I click the OK button, I can now use the Google logo here. This is an alternative method to add a logo here. You can quickly and easily access the logos and colors of brands through the sites.

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