How to Create Realistic Stack of Banknotes in Blender for Beginners


Creating a realistic and impressive stack of banknotes in Blender is a valuable skill, especially if you’re interested in stock photography or digital art. In this detailed tutorial, we’ll walk you through the process, step by step.

Setting Up the Workspace

Open Workspace and Clear Scene

  1. Open Blender and start with a new scene.
  2. Select each object, press the X key, and choose ‘delete’.
  3. You can add custom lighting later as needed.

Adding and Scaling a Plane for Banknote

Create the Banknote Base

  1. Press Shift + A, select ‘Plane’ under ‘Mesh’.
  2. Banknotes typically have a rectangular shape. For our example, set scale X to 7 and scale Y to 3. This can be adjusted in the ‘Object Properties’ if the size doesn’t match your specific banknote.

Transferring and Adjusting Pre-prepared Banknote Images

Apply Banknote Textures

  1. To view added banknotes in the scene.
  2. In the ‘Material Properties’ tab, create a new material.
  3. Use the ‘Base Color’ yellow icon to select ‘Image Texture’. Open and apply the front image of your banknote.

Adjusting the Texture

  1. Modify scale values in ‘Object Properties’ for a more accurate representation.

Displaying Different Materials on Each Side of the Plane

Create a Two-Sided Banknote

  1. Open it from the top left options.
  2. Use Shift + D to duplicate the front jpeg node, then add the back image.
  3. Connect both textures and use the ‘Geometry Node’ to differentiate front and back using the ‘Backfacing’ option.

Correcting Image Orientation

  1. Correct any reversed textures by editing the image outside Blender and reapplying it.

Adding Banknotes in Stacks Using Modifiers

Create a Stack of Banknotes

  1. Apply an ‘Array’ modifier to replicate the banknote.
  2. Set count (e.g., 100 for a stack) and adjust the Z-axis offset for realism.

Creating Realistic Stacks by Adjusting Position and Rotation

Enhance Realism with Small Adjustments

  1. Opt for a more detailed approach.
  2. Create a mesh line and adjust count and offset for overlapping banknotes.

Detailed Modifications

  1. Create a realistic effect with overlapping and varied positions.
  2. Use random values for position and rotation to make each banknote look unique.

Enhancing Realism with Random Placements and Light Settings

Final Touches for Realism

  1. Fine-tune placement and rotation for a natural look.
  2. Proper lighting and shadows will bring your stack of banknotes to life.


This tutorial demonstrates how to model a realistic stack of banknotes in Blender. By following these steps, you can create highly detailed and authentic-looking banknote stacks suitable for stock photography or digital art projects.