How to Find Lost or Stolen iPhone via Find My iPhone App

I’m going to show you how to find your lost iPhone. This is a video especially for users who have an iPhone. You don’t need to install any extra application on the iPhone for this.

We will use the application called Find My iPhone, which is the application within the iPhone itself, to find our mobile phones, your lost mobile phones.

Not only on iPhones, but also on other devices, you can find your lost smartphones with this method, with a similar method. But this video is going to be an iPhone specific video.

What is the application that we need to be interested in now? The application called Find My iPhone on our mobile phones. And under what situations can this application be used?

You may have gone on a nature walk, you may have lost it there. You may have forgotten it in a place during a trip, you may forget it in the car or you may lose it at home.

Our parents may even have hidden the phone. In such cases, we can find our mobile phone using this method. Even worse, you may have had your phone stolen, and there are many people who have found their mobile phones using this method.

How to Activate Find My iPhone Application

Now let’s move on to how to find lost iPhone smartphones. First of all, let’s run the application called Find My iPhone, which is already installed on our mobile phones.

After running the application, it will ask you for Apple ID and password, we can log in to the application by entering this information. All you need to do with your mobile phone is to log in to the application called Find my iPhone. After your phone is stolen or lost, we can find our mobile phone through this application.

How to Find a Lost iPhone?

Now let’s find the location of our mobile phone through the website. Open Chrome or any other similar web browser. And type in the address bar.

After entering this site, it will ask me to log in to my iCloud account. After logging in, it scans all the devices connected to my account and gets information about them. Of course, you need to be connected to the internet to do this.

With the All Devices section above, I can see all the devices that belong to me. I want to find the iPhone, so I click on the iPhone.

As you can see, this green dot in the middle tells us that the iPhone is currently online, connected to the internet. If the iPhone wasn’t online, if it wasn’t connected to the internet, it would be grayed out.

So we’ve located our phone, but what do we need to do to prevent it from being used by others? I’m looking to the right and in the area on the right there are three options to control our phone.

Play Sound sends a warning sound to your mobile phone. The sound keeps playing until you unlock your mobile phone or until you confirm the warning that appears on the phone. Let’s try it and see what effect it has. I click on the option and see what happens.

As you can see, my phone started ringing. To turn it off, I need you to unlock the key lock. When I unlock the key lock, I can use the phone as before, and this is how I can find the location of the phone. In this way, you kind of make our phone ring, that is, you call it.

If your phone is lost, we have to click on the next option, the middle one, the Lost Mode. See, when you click on that, it asks me to enter a number, I enter a number. I click Next and here it asks me to enter a message.

It could be a message like I lost my mobile phone, please call me back. This is the message that will appear on the screen of our mobile phone. Let’s type in our message and click OK.

When I click OK, it goes through a short process and when I pick up the phone, what do I see? A message like “My phone is lost, please call me” and underneath there is a mobile phone number.

Below that, there is a Call button. As soon as the person who finds the phone presses that button, they will be able to call this number and contact this number. And of course the phone will not be unlocked in any way until you enter the key lock.

The last option, Erase iPhone, acts in a way that will reset your phone. Where you can erase the information, photos, videos, files inside the phone. This is how we can find lost iPhones.

I hope you don’t get your phone stolen. Finding mobile phones that are not turned on is not that easy. They need the internet to locate it. But if you have stolen or lost it, I hope you can find your phone easily this way.

We have seen how to use the Find My iPhone application installed on mobile phones to easily find lost iPhones.