Photoshop’s AI-Powered Generative Expand: New Feature


Adobe Photoshop remains a front-runner in digital art and design software. Its constant innovation keeps it at the industry’s forefront. A notable recent addition is the Generative Expand feature, a groundbreaking AI-powered tool designed for expanding images both aesthetically and logically.

Understanding the Generative Expand Feature

In the 2023 version of Photoshop, the Generative Expand feature has been introduced along with a contextual taskbar to streamline the process. This feature utilizes AI to fill gaps when an image is expanded, blending new elements seamlessly with the original content.

How to Use the Generative Expand Feature

The process begins with the crop tool. By pressing ‘C’ or selecting the tool from the toolbox, users can drag the image edges. Holding the Alt key allows for symmetrical expansion. However, this often leaves white spaces around the expanded areas, which is where Generative Expand comes into play.

The Role of Contextual Taskbar

The contextual taskbar, a new addition, aids in setting the desired width and height ratio for the image. When the fill value is set to Generative Expand, the AI takes over. Leaving the prompt field blank instructs the system to automatically fill the expanded areas.

The Process Behind Generative Expand

Upon clicking ‘generate,’ Photoshop uploads the image to Adobe’s servers, where the AI works its magic. This server-based process typically takes 10 to 15 seconds, offering three alternative expansions for selection.

Layers and Alternatives Management

Generative Expand operates on a new layer, preserving the original image. Users can manage AI-generated changes separately and request new alternatives if needed. However, these processes can consume significant storage space.

Real-World Application: Testing with Various Photos

Demonstrating the feature with different images highlights its versatility. Whether expanding on one side or opting for a symmetrical enlargement, the tool provides realistic and coherent results.

Exploring Limits and Possibilities

Expanding images further tests the AI’s capabilities, revealing both its strengths and limitations. While the tool generally produces convincing expansions, complex scenes might pose a challenge, showcasing the current state of AI technology in image manipulation.


Adobe Photoshop’s Generative Expand feature marks a significant advancement in digital image editing. It showcases the potential of AI in creative processes, although it’s important to recognize that it may not always deliver perfect outcomes, especially in complex scenarios.