Handheld Camera Shake Effect in Premiere Pro


There are a few reasons why we might give stable footages handheld effect. One reason is to make it look like the footage was shot with a hand-held camera, which can give it a more intimate feeling. It gives the viewer the feeling that they are seeing something through a camera that is being held by a person.

Another reason might be to create a sense of movement or energy, especially if the footage is otherwise static. Either way, it’s a simple effect to create in Premiere, and it can really help to add some life to your videos. The handheld camera movement adds a sense of dynamism and energy to the footage.

If you’re looking to add some fake handheld camera movement to your footage in Adobe Premiere, then you’ll want to check out the Deadpool presets. These presets simulate different types of camera movement, like shaking and jittering, to give your footage a more realistic look. You can even adjust the amount of movement and the direction of the movement to get the exact effect you’re looking for.