Creating Dynamic Arrow Animations in Premiere Pro for Beginners

Visual cues like animated arrows are a brilliant way to direct your viewer’s attention in a video. In this tutorial, we’ll delve into how you can animate a PNG arrow in Adobe Premiere Pro to enhance your video projects.

What You’ll Need

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • A PNG arrow (preferably transparent)
  • An image or video as a background


  1. Import Resources: Add your image and arrow PNG to the Premiere Pro project.
  2. Layer the Elements: Drag the image onto the timeline first, followed by the arrow PNG.
  3. Position and Scale: Adjust the arrow’s position and scale it to your liking.
  4. Keyframing: Open the Effects Control Panel and add a keyframe for the arrow’s position.
  5. Animate: Move the timeline cursor and adjust the arrow’s position to create subsequent keyframes.
  6. Temporal Interpolation: Right-click on your keyframes and choose ‘Easy In’ and ‘Easy Out’ for smoother transitions.
  7. Nesting: To rotate or change the arrow direction, nest your animation sequence and rotate as required.

Additional Tips

  • You can copy and duplicate keyframes to extend the animation sequence.
  • Nesting allows you greater freedom to make complex adjustments without affecting your original animation.


Animating an arrow in Adobe Premiere Pro is a relatively simple process but one that can add significant value to your videos. With the aid of keyframing and temporal interpolation, you can create smooth and attention-grabbing animations.

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