Add Logos and Make White Color Transparent in Adobe Premiere

Today, we focus on two critical skills every video editor should have in their toolkit: adding logos to your video and making white backgrounds transparent.

In an era where branding is crucial, the ability to seamlessly incorporate logos into your videos can add a professional touch, increase brand recognition, and enhance viewer engagement.

Meanwhile, mastering the art of creating transparent backgrounds helps your logos blend smoothly into any scene, making your videos aesthetically pleasing and cohesive.

Adding Logos to Your Video

In Adobe Premiere Pro, adding logos is a straightforward process. Regardless of the logo’s shape or size, you can import, position, and resize it to fit your video content perfectly.

This flexibility allows you to place your logo anywhere, from a subtle corner placement to a more prominent central position.

Creating Transparent Backgrounds

Nothing disrupts a great video like a logo with a white background that doesn’t match the video’s overall aesthetic. In this tutorial, we’ll take you through the process of turning those white backgrounds into transparent ones.

This technique will ensure your logos can seamlessly blend into any video, enhancing the professional look of your content.

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