Why does Premiere Pro says Media Offline | How to Fix


When you move, delete or rename the image or video you using Adobe Premiere, you will encounter the media offline error. This error states that the media used in the project couldn’t be found. I will show you how we can fix this red and worrying error.

Why does Premiere Pro says Media Offline

Our video is here, playing normally. And as I mentioned at the beginning, when I rename this file or move it to another location, I will get the error that it can not find and read the file.

If it cannot find the file, you will see such a window and the red error behind it. When we look at the back screen, it shows the Media Offline error and it shows the translation of these words in other languages. So what can we do in this window?

If it can’t find more than one file, it will show all the files it can’t find by listing them one below the other. Since we are working on one file, there is only one option. This is the folder where the file should be located.

If it is possible to continue in this way, we can choose the offline option from here. Or if there is more than one lost file, by selecting the Offline All option, we can ensure that all files continue as offline.

Premiere Pro locate missing media

There is also a locate button. If the video.mp4 file exists somewhere, if you have changed the location of the file, not with another name, you can find the relevant file by clicking Locate here.

How Do We Learn That The File is Missing?

We can learn that this file is offline by double clicking on it by means of this window. Normally when we double click on a video, a preview of that video appears in the monitor window, but we are faced with this screen because it can’t appear at the moment. Because such a file doesn’t exist on my computer.

Another method that we understand to be offline is when I scroll to the right, you’ll see the word Offline under the column titled Status. This word also means that this file is offline.

How to fix Media Offline in Premiere Pro

So how can we replace this file with the file we just named or replace it with another file?

  1. I right click on the file.
  2. I can select the link media option. I can choose the Replace Footage option. I will encounter the screen just before with Link Media.
  3. With Locate, I can have that file searched, but it will scan the current name. If you have changed the location of the file you can search in those folders and related folders via this button.
  4. But since I changed the name of the file, I choose Replace Footage from here. When I click Replace Footage I select the file that I changed the name of and click the select button. With select the file will come here and I can view the file. Here is the solution for this error.