Make Videos Black and White Except One Color in Adobe Premiere

Black and white footage can be a powerful tool for filmmakers and video editors, but sometimes it’s useful to highlight a specific color to draw the viewer’s attention. In Adobe Premiere, there’s a quick and easy way to achieve this effect using the Leave Color plugin. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to apply the Leave Color effect to create a stunning black and white video with one color left intact.

  1. Start by importing your footage into Adobe Premiere. Drag and drop your video clip into the timeline, then select it to bring up the Effects Controls panel.
  2. Navigate to the Effects panel and search for “Leave Color”. Drag and drop the effect onto your video clip in the timeline. You should now see the Leave Color effect applied to your footage in the Effects Controls panel.
  3. In the Effects Controls panel, you’ll see a dropper tool labeled “Color to Leave“. Click on this dropper tool, then click and drag your cursor over the color in your video that you want to leave intact. You should see the color appear in the Leave Color effect preview window, while the rest of the video turns black and white.
  4. To refine your Leave Color effect, adjust the Tolerance and Softness settings in the Effects Controls panel. Tolerance controls how much of the selected color is left intact, while Softness controls the smoothness of the transition between the black and white and color areas.
  5. Once you’re happy with the overall look of your Leave Color effect, you can fine-tune it further by adjusting the Contrast, Saturation, and Lightness settings. These settings can help you create a more dramatic or subtle effect, depending on your desired outcome.

Using the Leave Color effect in Adobe Premiere is a quick and easy way to create stunning black and white footage with one color left intact. With a few simple adjustments, you can create a powerful visual effect that draws the viewer’s attention to a specific color or object in your video. Whether you’re creating a music video, short film, or social media content, the Leave Color effect is a valuable tool to have in your editing arsenal.

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