How to Create a Typewriter Effect in After Effects: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Today, we’re diving into the world of After Effects to explore how you can create a digital typewriter effect using the Animate feature.

First, open After Effects and create a new composition. For this tutorial, we’ll be using a standard 1920×1080 composition that lasts for 30 seconds. Once you click the “OK” button, you’ll be greeted with a black screen.

  1. Navigate to the toolbox and select the text tool. Type in your text. For this tutorial, we’re using the DS Digital font.
  2. Click on the small arrow next to your text layer to reveal its properties. You’ll find an “Animate” triangle on the right side. Click on it and select “Character Offset.”
  3. Click on the “Add” triangle next to “Animator 1” and select “Property” and then “Opacity.” Set the opacity to zero initially, making all characters invisible.
  4. Open the “Range Selector” and set the start value to zero and the end value to 100. Add keyframes to animate this change over time.
  5. Go to the “Advanced” settings and set the “Smoothness” to zero for a more authentic typewriter effect. Adjust the keyframes to control the speed of the animation.

And there you have it! You’ve successfully created a typewriter effect in After Effects. Add some sound effects for an even more realistic experience.

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