Download Free Fonts and Install Quickly


Sometimes new fonts are needed in Adobe Creative Cloud applications such as Photoshop and Illustrator for graphic designers or in office programs such as Microsoft Word or Power Point for editors.

In such cases, we need to install the fonts that we download or buy for free from the internet on our computer so that we can use these fonts within the applications.

Installing Fonts on Windows

Font files are otf (opentype font) or ttf (truetype font) files. If you double-click on these files, you will see texts starting with The Quick Brown Fox Jumps.

The Install button, which you will see at the top left of this window, is used to install the font. Another way to install a font is to right-click on the font file and select Install.

If a font you downloaded from the internet is not in otf or ttf format, but compressed as zip or rar, you must first extract the files inside.

Then just find the font file and do the above steps. Remember, excess fonts on your computer can slow down the applications you use. Therefore, choose not to install fonts you do not need.

Deleting Unused Fonts

To remove the fonts you do not use from your computer, simply list the fonts on the Control Panel > Fonts page and delete the font files you want to delete.