Rainbow Gradient Effect to Image in Photoshop

How to make rainbow effect on photos? How to quickly add a rainbow to your landscape photos with Russell’s Rainbow in Photoshop? Adding rainbows to landscape photos is super easy in Photoshop.

Let’s open the photo we want to add a rainbow to  first.

  1. Create a new layer.
  2. Then select the Gradient Tool on the left. It’s shortcut is G.
  3. I open the Gradients panel under the Window. When I open this panel, various ready-made gradient options will appear. Again in this panel, I click on the small icon in the upper right. I choose the Legacy Gradient option among the options that appear.
  4. You may not be able to see anything on the screen when I select this. When we scroll down to the bottom of these groups you will see that the option we just clicked appears here. I can stretch this panel a little longer. And you will see the Special Effects folder.

If you look carefully inside this folder, you will see a gradient effect called Russell’s Rainbow. This effect is the ready-made rainbow effect in Photoshop.

  1. Let’s choose this first.
  2. Select the Gradient Tool again.
  3. Choose Radial Gradient which is the second option from the left among the above options. When I select this option, we can create rounded gradients and we will automatically see rainbow colors when draw.
  4. Here is how I draw from left to right. Where I want the rainbow to be we need to direct it towards it.

In fact, the gradient has a method like this.

We will try to make it look like a rainbow by enlarging it even more. Since it has very sharp lines, we need to soften these lines a little more by giving a Gaussian Blur effect.

  1. I click on Filter and select the Gaussian Blur option under Blur. Click to Okay button.
  2. Making sure that the layer we draw the rainbow is selected. I changed the normal option to Screen and we can lower the opacity a bit. According to our photograph, we can evaluate it according to how it looks beautiful to our eyes. Rainbows appear a little fainter on earth and become more visible towards the sky.

Then you can use the mask tool to create a rainbow by erasing the appropriate places that best suit your photo.

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