How to Easily Use Font Awesome Icons in Photoshop


In the realm of graphic design, especially when creating business cards, posters, or brochures, the inclusion of icons is a frequent necessity. Icons for contact details like phone and email, as well as social media symbols, play a vital role in these designs. Instead of searching for individual icon vectors, using icon fonts presents a more efficient approach.

Font Awesome: A Go-To Resource for Icon Fonts

Finding Font Awesome

Font Awesome stands out as one of the most popular icon fonts globally. Its vast library of icons makes it a preferred choice for many designers. To utilize Font Awesome for desktop applications, the first step is visiting On this website, navigate through the menu and select the ‘Start’ button. Scrolling down will reveal options for different uses.

Downloading for Desktop Applications

For desktop application usage, like in Figma or Illustrator, Font Awesome offers a straightforward process. By clicking on the ‘Desktop Applications’ link and then ‘Start with the Fonts’, users can easily download the necessary files. The ‘Free for Desktop’ option provides access to essential fonts without cost.

Font Awesome in Photoshop

Font files, due to their small size, are easy to manage. Inside the downloaded zip file, the OTF folder contains the font files. The free version usually includes three font types, one of which is dedicated to brand logos. Installing these fonts is as simple as double-clicking the file and pressing the ‘Install’ button.

After installing Font Awesome, its practical use in programs like Photoshop becomes apparent. For example, to create a search box icon, select the text tool, type a letter (e.g., ‘A’), and format it for visibility. The aim is to transform this letter into an icon using Font Awesome.

To find specific icons, visit the Font Awesome website and explore the icons menu. After locating the desired icon, like a magnifying glass, use the ‘Copy Glyph’ feature. Back in Photoshop, paste the glyph and ensure the Font Awesome font is selected. This action replaces the text with the chosen icon.

Incorporating Brand Logos

For brand icons like Facebook, the process is similar. Find the icon on Font Awesome’s website, copy the glyph, and paste it into Photoshop. Remember to switch to the appropriate Font Awesome font (e.g., Brand font) to display the logo correctly.

Icon fonts are scalable like vector files, ensuring no quality loss regardless of size. They are easily customizable in color and effects, making them versatile for various design needs.


Font Awesome is an invaluable resource for designers seeking quick access to a wide range of icons. Its ease of use and flexibility can significantly streamline the design process.