How to Download & Install VirtualBox for Virtual Machines

VirtualBox is a program that allows us to install a virtual operating system on existing operating systems. When you enter the address, there’s a huge download button in the middle.

At the time I shot this video, the last version of VirtualBox was 6.1. I will also download this application on the Windows operating system and show how to use it, but I will not install any operating system in it.

You can see which operating systems can be installed from the second paragraph. It is possible to install Windows, Linux, Macintosh and Solaris, and various versions of Windows, as well as various versions of Linux, as virtual operating systems via VirtualBox here.

Since I’m currently operating on Windows, I click the Windows Hosts button and let the application download to my computer. Our app has been downloaded.

Install VirtualBox

In order to use the application properly, we need to run it as admin. So I right click and select Run as Administrator. I click it and we will be greeted with the standard installation screen. I click the next button. Then I click the next button again.

If there are any options you don’t want here, you can uncheck them. During installation, your internet connection may be disconnected as it will support network. Being aware of this. I choose yes. And then the installation starts. The installation process is completed.

After the installation is completed, when we select this option and click finish, it will start virtualbox automatically. Not a problem for us, as we want to review VirtualBox already, I click the finish button and VirtualBox opens. This is how VirtualBox is installed.

How to use VirtualBox / Installing Windows

If we will examine the program quickly, we click the new button here to create a new virtual machine. We name it. Here, we choose which operating system we want to install.

If you want to install Microsoft Windows, we select it and it shows us the versions of Windows. It is possible to install all versions of Windows from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95, windows 98, up to now as a virtual operating system.

We can install Linux. I’m not very familiar with Linux. But the options are available here. Debian is among the ones I know. I see Ubuntu at the bottom and it is possible to install all other versions here. There is a system called Solaris, I have not heard of it before, it is possible to install the system. We have an option called BSD.

There are options such as Free BSD, Open BSD. We can also install Mac and at the same time, we can see other options here. You can continue the installation steps by selecting them, giving a name to the operating system you will install and clicking the next button.

If you have already installed a virtual machine in this way, if you have installed an operating system, you can access this file on your computer by clicking the add button and have the opportunity to use it with the currently existing VirtualBox.

If you create a virtual machine and want to export it, you can click this button to export the operating systems you have currently installed to use on another computer.

So you can export it. On the contrary, you can open the operating systems you have previously installed on another computer or on this computer by clicking Import and continue to use them here.

If you want to make changes in the preferences section, you can review the other details here. Here, we have chosen the language. Here, we adjust the screen resolutions. Here, we set the parts related to the network. You can come here and change these options when needed when you install the operating system.

Yes. In this video, I showed you how to install and use VirtualBox, which allows you to install virtual machines on your and allows you to set up virtual operating systems. I hope it was useful. See you in new videos.

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