Add Mosaic / Blur to Motion / Face Censoring


Tracking moving objects in videos is an event in itself. Using the tracking feature in the programs, you may need to give the tracked objects a blur effect in Adobe Premiere.

What you will learn in this course can be used in different areas such as censoring a face, blurring a cigarette or blurring a billboard advertisement that has entered the image, making the brand on a t-shirt or the logo of a car invisible.

At this point, when you do the tracking of the moving object, you can easily give not only the blur effect, but also the mosaic effect or other effects within the program possibilities.

In this Adobe Premiere tutorial, I aimed to answer the questions of How to Censor Face in Premiere, How to Blur Cigarette in Premiere, How to Blur in Adobe Premiere, How to Blur Video, How to Add Censor in Premiere, How to Give Video Blur Effect, How to Give Blur to Image. I hope it was useful.