Why Use PNG over JPEG? From Image to Transparent PNG

We live in a world where graphic design plays a crucial role. Whether it’s for a website, a digital flyer, or a profile picture, the images we use often require some level of editing. One of the most common tasks? Creating transparent PNG images in Photoshop.

Why Choose PNG Over JPEG?

t first glance, both PNG and JPEG might seem similar. However, one defining characteristic sets PNG apart: transparency. While JPEG assigns a white background to transparent areas, PNG retains the transparency, allowing for cleaner integration into various designs. This feature makes PNG a favorite for graphic designers everywhere.

Creating a Transparent PNG in Photoshop

The process begins with the Pen tool, a handy instrument for making precise selections in an image. Once your desired area is selected and separated, the background becomes irrelevant and can be discarded, revealing the transparent squares indicating a blank space.

A few more edits, like trimming and cleaning up, and you’re ready to save your image. Always ensure that the “transparency” feature is activated when saving your PNG, or else you’ll miss the point entirely.

Integration and Application

After crafting a perfect transparent PNG, the real fun begins. Use it on a website, overlap it with other images, or incorporate it into graphic designs. The possibilities are endless. But remember, always save it as a PNG, not JPEG, to retain the transparency properties.


PNGs, with their transparency properties, offer a clean and professional look to any design. By understanding how to create them in Photoshop, you’re adding a valuable skill to your graphic design repertoire.

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