How to Enable Overscroll in Photoshop


To scroll an image in the Photoshop workspace, we use the Hand Tool or its shortcut, the Space key, and scroll the image. However, by default in Photoshop, you cannot scroll while an entire image is visible. But when you enable Overscroll feature, you can scroll the image.

After you do not reveal the area you will work in the image, it is not possible to edit the image easily. I had to put the image in Full Screen mode by pressing the letter F or zoom the photo. Then I could scroll. However, this is not my preferred method. Because when you switch Photoshop to Full Screen mode, all the panels disappear.

By default, the feature of scrolling the photos you work in Photoshop is turned off and you have to turn it on. First, let’s open Edit > Preferences > Tools. When we select the Overscroll option in the window that appears, we can now scroll without switching to Full Screen mode or zooming the image.