Realistic Star Sky Background in Blender

In this video, we will see how to change the background on Blender. And we will try to make this background more of a sky full of stars, or we’ll see how it looks at night.

I placed the planet in the middle, so that I could get a more realistic scenario. In this way, you can use this feature in your planetary scenarios, space, team scenarios, or science fiction themed project.

Making background black

First of all, the sky is colored black. So, we need to set the background to be completely black. Let’s click on the world icon in the icons on the right, go to World Properties and set the color to be completely to the black. If it doesn’t look like this for you, it is necessary to change the above view modes.

It might look like this. It may appear as gray. In this case, you need to switch to render view and let’s remove the grids and lines here. For this, let’s click on the overlay icon to remove them. Thus, we have a clean background off the sky. Currently the background appears as black.

Adding stars

We will add stars to this background. I right click on this line and choose vertical split. Because I want to split it vertically. By clicking anywhere on the scene. I split the screen into two. When I select shader from the options on the left, let’s narrow the right site. This way, the material screen will open.

We choose World instead of Object, because we will change the background, not objects on the scene. When we select the world option, the same panels will appear.

Voronoi texture

Now we will add new features here. I click add in the menu above, I select the Voronoi Texture option under texture and edit here.

This is a feature where we can create patterns like cells. We will use this as the sky and I’m dragging the distance of this property to the color of the background.

They are already starting to look like cells. When I move around, we see that the background also moves. When I increase the size part, you’ll see that the dots in the background become smaller. The more I increase it, the smaller it gets.

In this way, we can create sky stars, 360 degree star backgrounds by using the nodes for the background and changing their values.

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