How to Render Wireframe in Blender

In this Blender tutorial, I will show you how to render the edges of an object in Blender. This view is also known as wireframe and gives a wireframe look.

There is an option called wireframe in view modes in Blender. When we click on it, we can see the edges of the object. However, when we render, we can get the render of the object, not the render of this view. So this is not what we want. We also want to achieve this appearance in the rendering part.

We need to use the Wireframe feature in the Modifier tab. I click on Modifier Properties and here we add a new Modifier. The name of this Modifier we will add is Wireframe, as I just mentioned. I click on this option. It replaces whatever object we have applied it to with a wireframe view.

There may be some problems like here. In fact, let me show you this problem as follows, if you encounter such problems on the stage, disable the Even Tickness option.

When we add a modifier, a thickness value will appear. After all, since this is a wire appearance, we need to specify the thickness of it. The Tick option here refers to the thickness of the wires.

Now in some cases you may want the objects themselves to appear. Therefore, you will have given the appearance of a wire over the object itself. I’m showing this right now. With the object selected, when I uncheck the Replace Original option, we will see the object itself here.

You can get different images by giving material to it. When we assign a green colored material it will look different. Let’s check the Replace Original option again, in the Modifier tab. We have the possibility to assign colors to these wires.

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