PureRef Tutorial: Mastering the Art of Image Reference Management

In today’s fast-paced creative world, organizing and managing visual references is essential for artists and designers. PureRef is an invaluable tool that allows you to streamline your design workflow by efficiently handling and organizing your image references in one place.

What is PureRef?

PureRef is a lightweight, standalone application that allows users to collect, organize, and view multiple images in a single, customizable workspace.

Whether you are working on digital art, web design, or photography, PureRef is designed to enhance your design process by keeping all your image references easily accessible and organized.

Getting started with PureRef

To get started with PureRef, download the application from the official website and install it on your computer.

Once installed, launch the application and create your first canvas by either dragging and dropping images directly onto the workspace or using the “Add Image” option from the right-click context menu.

The basic interface is straightforward, with a central canvas area where you can add and arrange your images. You can navigate through your canvas by panning and zooming using your mouse or trackpad.

Organizing your images

PureRef offers numerous ways to organize your images. You can resize, rotate, and arrange your images in a custom layout by simply clicking and dragging them around the canvas.

To keep your workspace organized, PureRef allows you to create multiple canvases within the same project, group related images together, and lock or hide specific images.

Customizing your workspace

To make your PureRef workspace truly your own, you can customize various aspects of the application.

This includes changing the background color, adjusting canvas size, and setting a grid layout to align your images. You can also save your preferred settings as a template for future projects, ensuring consistency in your design process.

Advanced features and shortcuts

PureRef comes packed with advanced features that make your image referencing experience even more efficient.

You can add notes to your images for better organization, crop images directly within the canvas, and apply image adjustments such as brightness and contrast.

To help you navigate the application faster, PureRef has a range of useful keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts allow you to quickly perform actions such as duplicating images, flipping images, or centering the canvas on a selected image.


By implementing PureRef into your design workflow, you can save time and focus on your creative vision.

This versatile tool allows you to efficiently organize and manage your image references, leading to more productive and inspired design sessions. Try PureRef today and see how it can revolutionize your creative process.

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PureRef Tutorial: Mastering the Art of Image Reference Management

In today’s fast-paced creative world, organizing and managing visual references is essential…