Why Apple Skipped iPhone 9? From iPhone 8 to X


Have you ever pondered why Apple decided to skip the iPhone 9? This intriguing question has sparked curiosity among tech enthusiasts and Apple users alike. With a leap from iPhone 8 straight to iPhone X, many wonder what led to this unusual numbering. Was it a marketing strategy or something more? Dive into the world of Apple’s decisions and unravel the mystery behind ‘why did Apple skip iPhone 9?

Why Apple’s iPhone 9 Doesn’t Exist?

You may have noticed in Apple’s product range: A model called iPhone 9 is missing. This is a frequently discussed topic among Apple fans and technology enthusiasts. While Apple hasn’t made an official statement as to why it skipped the iPhone 9, we can examine the possible reasons behind this choice.

10th Anniversary Meaning of iPhone X

Launched in November 2017, iPhone X was designed to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iPhone series. Here, “X” stands for 10 in Roman numerals. This means that iPhone X is the only iPhone model with a Roman numeral in its name.

If Apple had celebrated its 10th anniversary with the iPhone 9, it would have been quite awkward. This nomenclature could lead to more confusion among users, so skipping the iPhone 9 might be a more logical choice.

Is There Iphone 9 Why Not

Why Not iPhone 9?

As we move forward in the history of the iPhone series, Apple’s tendency to “skip” model nomenclature is not uncommon in the tech world. Some analysts believe that Apple prefers to celebrate its 10th anniversary with a model full of technological advancements and innovative features. iPhone X supports this theory, as it has innovative features such as facial recognition technology and represents an important turning point in terms of design.

As a result, skipping the iPhone 9 could be part of a strategy to both reflect technological advances and celebrate the brand’s milestones. Apple’s strategic decision can be seen as a step that reinforces the brand’s leadership in innovation and design. Apple’s future model nomenclature will always be a matter of curiosity in the technology world.

The Importance of iPhone X and iPhone 9’s Jump

One of the turning points in Apple’s iPhone lineup was the transition from iPhone 8 to iPhone X. In this model, Face ID was introduced and the screen almost completely covers the front of the iPhone, making the user experience even more immersive. iPhone X was the most expensive iPhone ever released and revolutionized the world of technology with these innovations.

Iphone Mobile Smart Phone Series

The release of iPhone X caused a huge stir among tech enthusiasts. Many of us have fond memories of gathering around a friend who owned the device and marveling at its shiny new features. iPhone X is still considered one of the most important iPhone models of all time.

The naming of iPhone X as “iPhone X” instead of “iPhone 9” better reflects the high quality and high-end features this model offers. This model symbolizes Apple’s innovative approach to design and technology. With this naming shift, Apple has succeeded in emphasizing the premium nature of its device and its ground-breaking innovations.

Apple launched the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus a few months before the iPhone X. In terms of naming, the iPhone 8 Plus could have been called the iPhone 9, but Apple’s decision not to go this route may have been due to marketing strategy. By positioning the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in the same lineup, consumers were presented with two options: good and best. This strategy is likely to boost Apple’s sales by making the more expensive iPhone X more special.


Apple’s decision to skip the iPhone 9 means much more than just missing a model. It’s a reflection of the tech giant’s marketing strategies and innovative approaches. While the iPhone X revolutionized the world, the mystery of the iPhone 9 continues to linger in the minds of tech lovers.