Make Charts & Graphs in Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator offers various facilities to visualize data, you can make visuals much more attractive, especially with bar, line, pie slice graphics that you can use in your infographic style works.

You can make style changes to these graphics such as changing colors. And at the same time, by updating the data, you can have these graphs updated as well. I think it’s a good method for those who prepare infographics or deal with data.

When we open Illustrator, you will see a graphic in the toolbox on the left, right here. Click on this graph and you will see various tools to visualize statistical data. Each of these tools is used to create designs similar to the icon designs you’ll see on the left.

When you are going to use these tools constantly, we can make these tools a separate panel by clicking the little icon next to them. I’ll put it at the top of the page.

The first of these tools is the Chart tool, which consist of columns. When we click on it, which is already active, we predetermine the area where we will create these graphs.

Let’s draw an area like this and we will see an area similar to an Excel file on the left. You will see the visualized version of the data we entered in these Excel chart.

If you want two groups, if you want these values to match each other, we will do it like this. We will write the other values below. The second graph here is separated from the others. The ones in the top row are in a separate group, and the chart we just created is in a separate group.

As you can see, we have made it into a separate group. If you want to triple or quadruple this, you can add to the bottom lines with a similar method as I said. If you have an Excel file or CSV file containing the data, you can have that the data transferred here by clicking the icon, namely the Import Data icon.

The colors here must match the colors in the other group. The dark color of this and the darker color of this need to be the same color.

I can make multiple selections by pressing the Shift key. Then by clicking on the color, I can have that color added to the column.

Let’s just enter some values here, just like the Bar Chart. And we can also edit it this way. There is a point I would like to add here. Normally, when we enter a numerical value here, the pie slices on the right are separated.

But if we enter a name, the situation will be different. As you can see, I have written some of the Adobe programs here. Just below, I enter these values and when I press the Enter key or instead of Enter, you can also use the tick icon over there.

If you make these changes with text on it and a numeric value below it, as you can see, this graph turns it into a shape where we can see what the slices on the right and left sides belong to.

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