Creating Professional Logo Animation in After Effects

Logo animation has transformed the branding world, making the introduction of any video or presentation more engaging. In this post, we’re learning how to create a professional logo animation using After Effects.

Simply put, it’s captivating. In a sea of static logos, one that moves, glows, or even dances catches the eye much faster than a static image. By adding lines, light, and colors, you not only grab attention but also create a lasting impression.

Step into After Effects

For those new to this powerful tool, After Effects is Adobe’s premium software for creating motion graphics and visual effects. Our recent YouTube tutorial dives deep into animating logos, highlighting tools like gradient ramp, cc light burst, and the Vegas effect.

The Process

We started by creating a new composition, importing a logo, and resizing it to fit. This logo is then turned into an outline, which is animated to ‘draw’ itself onto the screen over a second. This is further enhanced with light bursts that complete the full reveal of the logo, giving a dramatic and professional finish.


Animating your logo adds a touch of professionalism and dynamism to your brand. With After Effects, even a beginner can transform a simple logo into a visual masterpiece.

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